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Story Bridge Ilumination 

The Brisbane City Council has confirmed that our application for the Italian Week Light-Up of the Story Bridge will be added to Brisbane's annual calendar. After first lighting up the Story Bridge in 2011, it will now be an annual feature of Italian Week. In 2016 it will be illuminated for one week!!! How great is that BrisVegas!!
Italian Week Illumination
Celebrating the Italian National Day and in its 9th year now, Italian Week 2015 (26th May to 2nd Of June) will once again shine the light on all things Italian in Queensland.
Together with our partners, the Brisbane City Council, Queensland Government, the Treasury Casino and many others,


From the catwalks of Milan to the Emerald Beaches of Sardinia, from the relics of Ancient Rome, to the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean, Italian Week is your chance to enjoy Italy without the airfare. Italy is the ultimate epitome of classical beauty and contemporary appeal, imbued with renaissance gracefulness and cultural uniqueness. Its fashion, auto-mobiles, leather goods, gourmets and fine wine have long been the world's envy.
Italian Culture and lifestyle is firmly entrenched in the Australian cultural landscape and continues to grow in appreciation and interest. Italy is a country where you can find tradition fused with innovation. The "Made in Italy" label represents not only the highest quality achieved by all the Italian craftsmen but also the persistency they hold throughout centuries.


Italian Week celebrates the National Day of Italypresenting the genius and Italian lifestyle and showcases the very unique Italian experience via Art, gastronomy and luxury conveyance. Stories of Italy and Italian Stories' and follow us on Facebook 




Extract from academic research conducted by festival producer Alessandro Sorbello in conjunction with Dr Eliane Karsaklian from the University of Paris (Sorbonne) as part of doctorate research. 


Join Alessandro Sorbello on a Tour of Tuscany this year 


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