Congratualtions to Italian Wek Executive Producer Cav. Alessandro Sorbello


Alessandro Sorbello from Italian was honored to receive the award for best research in conjunction with Dr Karsaklian at the International Academy of Business and Economics Conference hosted at the University of Florence.

"I have been working on my doctoral research with Dr Eliane Karsaklian who is a Professor of Marketing and Director of the Master’s Program in International Negotiation at the Sorbonne University in Paris. We traveled to the University of Florence to receive the award and present the keynote address to scholars from more than 70 universities from around the world.




We presented ‘From Lasagna to Lamborghini, Leveraging the power of an Italian Festival as a comprehensive marketing tool: The Case of Italian Week in Australia. Which looks at the Queensland based Italian Week Festival’ and explores the marketing potential revealed by the festivals intentional creation of ‘emotional engagement with its participants and its subsequent residual effects on consumer behaviour.

The theories we have been applying to the production of the event have been validated and celebrated in Italy and it’s very exciting so looking forward to where we can go from here, well I am especially excited to be further developing the concepts of emotional engagement and presenting our findings to the marketing and event community."



Alessandro Sorbello



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