Commedia Viva! - (Free Event)

Commedia Viva! - (Free Event)

WHEN: Friday, 27 May 2011

TIME: 7.15 pm - 7.45 pm

WHERE: Queen Street Mall


Meet the characters of the Commedia dell’Arte; agile Arlecchino, lazy Pulcinella, blustering Capitano, miserly Pantalone, pompous Dottore, the swooning Sweethearts.


Be transported to the fifteenth century and experience the Italian invention of modern theatre, Commedia dell'Arte! Presented by Australia’s best and most authentic Commedia dell'Arte performers, Giovanni Margio and Antonio Mazzella.


Back by popular demand following the triumphant performance at last years national Commedia festival in Brisbane.


“We were in pain from laughing so hard!!” - Audience member Australasian Commedia Festival 2010. Free performance on the Queen Street Mall - don't miss it.


Commedia Academy of Australia produces and performs work for Australian and International audiences.


Founders Antonio (Giri) Mazzella and Giovanni (Sanjiva) Margio met in 1981 and began working together, drawing from their Italian roots. They studied and performed with the Masters of Mask in Asia and Europe, in particular Antonio Fava of Teatro del Vicolo, Italy.


Appearing in 16th century Italy and spreading throughout Europe, Commedia Dell'Arte marked a major turning point in the history of western theatre -- a transition from ritualistic and amateurish to an actual profession or art. The new actor armed with acting know how was born-- creating a modern theatre tradition. Commedia Dell'Arte is an exciting discipline essential for those who intend to make the theatre their career.




Since 1981 Giovanni Sanjiva Margio and Antonio Giri Mazzella have been performing together inspired by vibrant Italian cultural traditions. Commedia Academy of Australia is their platform for presenting this lively and hilarious ancient art in today’s Australia. It all started in Perth in the early 80’s when Giovanni and Antonio joined a larger group of circus performers and set off on a tour of Australia.


They called themselves “The Flying Mortadellas”-Australia’s smallest Latin Circus. After many wild successes performing at gigs such as Adelaide’s Italian Communist Party Family Day Barbeque, they knew they were on a winning formula of zany archetypical characters performing traditional Italian songs. Eventually the wheels fell of the bus (literally), so they returned to WA where Giovanni and Antonio helped create The Red Herring Theatre Collective in Fremantle . Under the direction of Christine Mearing, the group underwent arduous corporeal theatre training, Martha Grahame Dance technique, eastern movement meditations, theatre improvisation, and Commedia Dell’ Arte maskwork resulting in the creation of popular theatre works for Perth City Council’s first ever Community Arts programs(1984).

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