Impressions of Italy

Impressions of Italy

WHEN: Friday, 27 May 2011

TIME: 5.00 pm

WHERE: Commonwealth Bank Flagship 240 Queen Street Brisbane


Presented by Carole Horne - “In 2010, I went to Italy for three weeks. It was my third visit in as many decades, having travelled there in 1987 and 1997 – the first time with friends, the second time with a new husband. This third trip, however, was strictly “tutto solo”. Unless, of course, you count my camera as a travelling companion. In all, I took 900 photos and returned with as many stories.


These are three of them – inspired by a trio of distinctly different faces to this diversely beautiful country. I wept for neglected Romeo in fair Verona. I kept my eyes peeled for pirates along the rocky, storm-swept coast of the Cinque Terre.  And I lived like a local in Florence, steeped in the daily reminders of a past deeply informed by beauty, culture, honour and passion.


Most of all, I renewed my admiration for the Italian people – for their easy embrace of the best things in life (love, food, family) … for their fearless demonstration of emotion … and for welcoming me like one of their own.”


Carole Horne is a Brisbane-based lifestyle television producer, writer and not-so-secret Italophile. Next year, she celebrates 30 years working in Australian media. Her ambition is to live in Italy for one year of her life and to fully experience the four seasons of her favourite country beyond the shores of her homeland.

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