Le Carrosse D'or (The Golden Coach) 1952

Le Carrosse D'or (The Golden Coach) 1952

WHEN: Wednesday, 1 June 2011

TIME: 6.00 pm

WHERE: Gallery of Modern Art - Cinema A


'In this story, set in Peru in the 18th century, Jean Renoir takes as his subject the contrast between theatre and life, focusing on a commedia dell'arte troupe and their temperamental star, Camilla - the luminous Anna Magnani at her comic best. Camilla is courted by three suitors, an actor, a bullfighter and a viceroy, each of whom loves her for something different, and something different than she loves in herself. In the end, she renounces all three for her true love. This sublime comedy of manners is at once a tribute to the commedia dell'arte and to Magnani, who soars above the other actors and is only matched in the film by Renoir's own intelligence and expansive humanity.' Free Event - No Booking Required. 35MM, COLOUR, MONO, 103MINS, FRANCE/ITALY, FRENCH/ENGLISH/ITALIAN (ENGLISH VERSION) / DIRECTOR: JEAN RENOIR

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