Italian Republic Day Concert

Italian Republic Day Concert

WHEN: Saturday, 4 June 2011

TIME: 7.00pm

WHERE: Civic Centre, Cnr of Sheridan & Florence Sts, Cairns


The Cairns Social & Dance Club will perform with traditional folk songs dancing and singing.


The Italian Social and Dance Club was formed in September 1992 by a group of Italians who wanted to keep their culture alive. Vita and Mary Balsamo decided that the Italian community in Cairns was in need of a cultural boost and after some thought decided to hold a Sicilian Night.
Entertainment for the night was provided by an Italian group from Ingham. (Ingham is a 3 hour drive south of Cairns).

Vita and Mary also wanted traditional dancing for the evening, so after giving this some thought Gina Codotto felt that Cairns had enough interested people to form their own Italian Dance Group.  Forming a dance group is one thing. Knowing the dance routines is another.  Help was needed.


The Tableland area, just an hours drive west of Cairns, is home to a large Italian community and it was from here that help was at hand. Members of the Mareeba Fagnano Castello Club were asked to teach the newly formed group traditional tarantellas.

Their leader, Gino Esposito was happy to oblige and in no time a group of 16 people were learning their first tarantella.  A tarantella is not a tarantella without the costume so in no time the women dancers were soon  very busy making their traditional costumes.


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