Musica Musica - Free Performance

Musica Musica - Free Performance

WHEN: Sunday, 29 May 2011

TIME: 12.00pm to 1.00pm

WHERE: Dolci Sapori, 28 Sandgate Rd Clayfield, Brisbane


Two Italian musicians, Antonio and Giovanni, take us on a comical musical tour of Italy. Explore the sounds and stories of Italian folk music, from the passionate southern rhythms of the Tarantella to the stirring harmonies of the mountain songs of the north. Join in singing the festive carnevale songs from the village piazza of the last century!

“Fantastico! Don’t miss these boys, they’re hilarious” – Ms Kavisha Mazzella AM, La Voce Della Luna Musical Director.


Appearing at Dolci Sapori, 28 Sandgate Rd Clayfield, Brisbane for a free performance, don't miss it!

Commedia Dell'Arte

Appearing in 16th century Italy and spreading throughout Europe, Commedia Dell'Arte marked a major turning point in the history of western theatre -- a transition from ritualistic and amateurish to an actual profession or art.

The new actor armed with acting know how was born-- creating a modern theatre tradition. Commedia Dell'Arte is an exciting discipline essential for those who intend to make the theatre their career.

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