Caribinieri at Jan Powers Italian Markets (Free Event)

Caribinieri at Jan Powers Italian Markets (Free Event)

WHEN: Wednesday, 1 June 2011

TIME: 1.00pm to 1.50pm

WHERE: Jan Powers Italian Markets, Reddacliff Place, Brisbane CBD


The roving Commedia Carabinieri are the ever-so-serious white gloved ambassadors for the Italian State Police.


Keep an eye out for them at the Italian Market Place on Wednesday 1st June. Free Event at Jan Powers Markets.


Rest assured under the watchful eye of these guardians of merriment as they patrol and serenade you with traditional musical instruments.


Commedia Academy of Australia produces and performs work for Australian and International audiences.


Founders Antonio (Giri) Mazzella and Giovanni (Sanjiva) Margio met in 1981 and began working together, drawing from their Italian roots. They studied and performed with the Masters of Mask in Asia and Europe, in particular Antonio Fava of Teatro del Vicolo, Italy.


Appearing in 16th century Italy and spreading throughout Europe, Commedia Dell'Arte marked a major turning point in the history of western theatre -- a transition from ritualistic and amateurish to an actual profession or art. The new actor armed with acting know how was born-- creating a modern theatre tradition. Commedia Dell'Arte is an exciting discipline essential for those who intend to make the theatre their career.

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