Brisbane International Waiters Race (free event)

Brisbane International Waiters Race (free event)

WHEN: Friday, 1 June 2012

TIME: 3.00pm

WHERE: Queen Street Mall


The Brisbane International Waiters Race is a fundraising, highly visible, fun and exiting multicultural event. The main objective is to collectively raise  $50,000 for Hear and Say Centre and and sponsor deaf or hearing impaired children through the Hear and Say program so that they can learn to hear, to listen and to speak.


Waiters and waitresses representing restaurants in Queensland will gather in The Queen Street Mall to compete in a race with a difference-the runners have to carry Vittoria Coffee coffee cups on a tray without spilling a drop.


The waiters' race, or Corsa dei Camerieri in Italian, an annual event during Italian Week features waiters and waitresses mostly from Italian restaurants competing from the title of brisbane Fastest Cameriere.


About the Waiters Race

The famous Waiters Race - Course des garçons de café  - originated in Europe in the early 1900s and has become a popular and entertaining internationally recognised community event. Each Waiters Race gathers thousands of excited spectators in cities and villages in over 53 countries around the world.


Registration is still open  Click here to read more.


MOTTO: “ Embrace the Race!“ …Hug a Waiter

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