Traditional Italian Dancing - La Tammurriata (free event)

Traditional Italian Dancing - La Tammurriata (free event)

WHEN: Friday, 1 June 2012

TIME: 6.00 pm - 6.30 pm

WHERE: Queen Street Mall, Brisbane CBD, QLD, 4000


Carmen Gentile, young and talented Italian dancer from Campania, in collaboration with Women of the World Brisbane (WOW) by Rise & Shine will perfom a series of dances. The dances that we’ll offer are a fusion of different styles with tradtional and modern Italian music: fun, contagious and very entertaining!


  • We no speak Americano: a jazzy dance with a cheeky tap dancing style 

  • Be Italian: a pure sensual style with tambourines and a bit of tango

  • Mambo Italiano: a fun mambo style, very funky and entertaining.

  • The Tammurriata ('O Ball 'ncopp 'o Tammurr). La Tammurriara is a dance from Campania, simpler form of the classic Tarantella - it used to be a devotion dance and a courtship dance later on.


The dance, the music ... they change your life! Or at least make it better, more alive, adding a surplus of physical, intellectual and emotional activities.

The music, the dance and the popular culture penetrate you along with the origins of the land of your parents or your grandparents, with the simplicity of the tools with which "we play the music and we dance".



Women of the World Brisbane (WOW) is organised by Rise & Shine Inc (  a not for profit association dedicated to reshaping and empowering a women way of life!


Women of the World Brisbane (WOW) bring Australian and immigrant women together to blend cultures & share ideas, to listen to their needs & to help each other, to create a contagious atmosphere joining their different experiences and to have fun together!


At WOW any woman can feel at home wherever they come from and find friends for life!


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