Mareeba Heritage Centre - Italian Week Special Feature

Mareeba Heritage Centre - Italian Week Special Feature

WHEN: Wednesday, 29 May 2013

TIME: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm

WHERE: Mareeba Heritage Centre, 345 Byrnes St Centenary Park Mareeba, Qld 4880


Mareeba Heritage Centre volunteer guides present a continuous tours throughout the day,  on Wednesday, 29th May,  2013,

of our Tobacco Display.  We will have Italian speaking guides on hand as well as English speaking. Our Museum opening hours are:  9am - 5pm.
We will waive our museum guided tour fees bhowever "donations to the Museum are greatly appreciated".
Mareeba Heritage Centre is a vibrant Museum and Tourist Information Centre established in 1995 situated on the southern outskirts of Mareeba on the Atherton Tablelands.  Since 1995 the Museum has collected, archived and presented the rich heritage and culture of the Mareeba district and the Centre is well supported by its diverse multicultural community. The Museum’s collection of 4,700 artefacts owned, used and proudly donated by members of the community form the basis of its comprehensive and ingenious displays reflecting the heritage and culture of Mareeba and its district. 
Mareeba Heritage Centre is the custodian of Australia’s best tobacco industry collection. Mareeba- Dimbulah was the centre of tobacco growing in Australia. A new display tells this powerful story of hardwork, ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. Anonymous donations of homemade tobacco ‘chop-chop’ and the farmers locally invented machine, used to chop tobacco for home use and in some cases for the black market, capture the reality of local experiences of cat and mouse with authority.  The Tobacco Display has been assessed as ‘Nationally Significant’:
“The Mareeba Heritage Centre’s Tobacco Collection is rare in that  it is the only collection in Australia which is able to demonstrate all phases of production and its evolution and development over the lifetime of the Tobacco Growing Industry”  (Tableland Research and Consultancy Services – April 2010)    
Another rare item of state significance is the Mareeba Hospital Board’s Rail Ambulance which continued to operate until the 1970s. Of the 29 operating in Qld, it is a surviving example all the more significant because of its original condition.
Other particularly interesting objects include:  
  • An ant-bed shovel, an example of ingenuity of farmers who adapted a shovel to solve a specific need where no commercial solution was available. 
  • A rocking chair used by John Atherton, the founder of Mareeba from 1877.
  • A wagon wheel from John Doyle, one of the early explorers of the Mareeba area in 1870s.
  • A Russian lemon squeezer brought to Australia in the 1860s by Russian migrants and  an example of the diverse multicultural community that makes up Mareeba. 
  • A rare example of a handmade vintage wireless station made in Mareeba by Marcus Brims and in Feb 1914 recipient of the first experimental wireless licence granted in Queensland.
The Museum presents a timeline of their district through their Heritage Walkway including Aboriginal artefacts, early explorers and settlers, early 20th century school room, the railway, mining, tobacco, timber, WW1, elegant living between the wars, the Mareeba rodeo and Mareeba Hospital Board’s Rail Ambulance.  
Also included is the early 20th century local businesses such as the blacksmith, butchery, saddlers, Carriers Arms and the Jack & Newell Trading Store.
Mareeba Heritage Centre
345 Byrnes St, Centenary Park, Mareeba, Qld 4880
Ph/Fax: (07) 4092 5674 Manager’s Ph. (07) 40922906


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