Feste del Piemonte - Celebrating regional dishes

Feste del Piemonte - Celebrating regional dishes

WHEN: Sunday, 26 May 2013

TIME: 12.00pm

WHERE: Red Hill Community Sports Club Fulcher St Red Hill


Feste del Piemonte - Celebrating regional dishes and entertainment.  Since 1971, the 22nd of May has been set aside as a special day to celebrate the history, culture and languge of Piemonte.


Join us as we celebrate the FESTA DEL PIEMONTE,  with a luncheon of typical Piemonties dishes. 
Cost $50 (meal only) for bookings, contact Anna De Pasquale 0408 735 445 annadepas3@bigpond.com 







Antipasto                                     Antipas

Tongue with parsley sauce            Lengua con bagnet

Veal with Tuna sauce                   Vitel Tona

Russian Salad                              Salada Russa

Soused fish                                  Pess 'n carpion

Italian cooked Salami                    Salam d'testa




Pasta with meat sauce                  Pasta al ragu




Tiramisu                                     Tiramisu


Bread                                         Pan ad ca'



Piedmonte lies in a peripherical position with respect to the rest of Italy but its relative proximity to the sea and contact with France and Switzerland have, over the centuries, led to the creation of an important commercial transit network which has favoured its present economic development.
This is the largest region of continental Italy, second only to Sicily. Its density of 174 inhabitants per sq km. makes it the fifth most densely populated region in Italy, and slightly under the national average.
The Italian regions which border with Piedmont are Valle d'Aosta to the northwest, Lombardy to the east, Emilia-Romagna to the southeast and Liguria to the south.






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