Timeless Italy - APULIA

Timeless Italy - APULIA

WHEN: Saturday, 1 June 2013

TIME: 11:00a.m. – 1:00p.m.

WHERE: 1/23 South Pine Road Alderley, Brisbane


Film presentation on - APULIA in Southern Italy. This documentary will introduce you in a travel between all the region well known for its richness in history and culture. The writer Selene Pennetta in collaboration with the photographer and videomaker Francesco Anglani will introduce you on the view of the spectacular documentary  named “Timeless Italy - Apulia”. 


This is and amazing documentary produced by the Canadian Producer Gerogicam Inc. in collaboration with Selene Pennetta Production.
 Will be possible to discover amazing landscapes, tiny glimpses on timeless town, ancient constructions from the Palaeolithic period, impressive churches and special food, recipes ... all of what a touristic public would like to know. Music, sounds and interviews to local people will allow to better enjoy the "virtual travel" in the Apulia region.
When: Saturday 1st of June 2013, 11.00am to 1.00pm
Where: 1/23 South Pine Road Alderley, Brisbane
Price: $15 dollars per person (number of participants is limited)



Selene Pennetta Profile


Selene Pennetta is a professional dancer and artist. In the 2005 she got the dancing diploma in Rome. She starts teaching dance all over the Europe with other professional dancers creating international collaboration. In the 2007 she was recognized as the best researcher for the Pizzica dance and cultural aspects of the dance.


In the 2009 she publishes her first book in italian and english version called “ La Pizzica – Travel between dreams and hopes of the Salento of a past time”. This book was a big success selling a lot of copies in Europe and in the world throught italian bookshops and Internet. In the 2009 Selene with the SP Production produces the amazing movie “liberami” talking about the phenomenon of the Tarantism.


One month after the book success she starts an interesting collaboration with a Canadian Production known as Georgican Inc. dancing for “Timeless Italy – Apulia” that is a work of Georgicam inc. This was a docu-film that went on air on the Canadian TV for 3 months. In the 2012 she arrives in Australia in order to start new artistic collaborations presenting for the first time the Pizzica dance in Australia.


For more info visit the website  www.selenepennetta.com

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