Gallery of Modern Art presents- Australian film - They’re a Weird Mob

Gallery of Modern Art presents- Australian film  - They’re a Weird Mob

WHEN: Sunday, 26 May 2013

TIME: 11.00am

WHERE: Gallery of Modern Art - Stanley Place, South Bank, Queensland


FREE SCREENING As part of Italian Week 2013, the Australian Cinémathèque at the Gallery of Modern Art presents two special screenings of the rarely seen Australian film They’re a Weird Mob 1966 by British director Michael Powell.


THEY’RE A WEIRD MOB 1966 (112mins)

11.00am Sunday 26 May 2013 / Cinema A FREE SCREENING 

11.00am Sunday 2 June 2013 / Cinema A FREE SCREENING


Based on the popular Australian comic novel by John O'Grady (written under the pseudonym "Nino Culotta"), Michael Powell’s film satirises of Australia during the 1960s and in particular cultural attitudes to Italian immigrants. It follows the story of Nino, an Italian migrant who comes to Australia as a journalist to write articles about Australians and their way of life for those Italians that might be considering relocating to Australia. In order to learn about real Australians he takes a job as a labourer; the comedy revolves around his attempts to understand English as it was spoken by the working-class.


Print courtesy of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia’s Kodak/Atlab Collection. Read More on Wikipedia


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