WHEN: Friday, 30 May 2014

TIME: 3.30 pm

WHERE: Sofitel Brisbane - Cuvee Lounge


Book presentation 'MARRYING ITALIAN - When love is not enough' by author Vivien Achia

Professor John Gatt-Rutter, Honorary Research Associate of La Trobe University and the Italian Australian Association, described this memoir as ‘a bridge between Anglo-Celtic and Italian Australia ... a deeply felt and richly wrought book’. 



Marrying Italian explores the marriage of a naive Australian girl from a farming background to an older Italian immigrant. Eliseo was the son of a career soldier in Mussolini’s forces and he became a partisan during WWII in opposition to his father’s politics, in a country torn apart by Fascism, war and changing alliances. Eliseo’s decision to trust a younger woman from a different culture was a brave one. She put her life, and that of her young daughter, into the hands of a man she barely knew, a man whose past had scarred him irrevocably. Her efforts to become accepted as an Italian wife were at times funny, often painful, but doomed to failure because of what she did not know and could never be.

Vivien Achia’s memoir has something for everyone: an idyllic childhood in country Victoria; a village childhood in Abruzzo; Eliseo’s experience of WWII; two rash marriages; drugs (narcotherapy with LSD in 1968); a heartbreaking love story; cultural conflicts and parallels; Italian cooking; Italian travel; despair; divorce; strength in adversity; Rome after the death of the Pope in 2005; and a joyful family reconciliation in Italy.

About the author: Vivien Achia has spent her life reading and telling stories. When she married an older Italian immigrant she barely knew, her life was forever changed, and her own story took on a new significance. In her work in libraries in adult education and multicultural services, she immersed herself in the stories of hardship, war, love, loss and dislocation told to her by immigrants and refugees. With her partner George Eraclides, Vivien divides her time between Kinglake and Melbourne. They share their lives with a family of much loved dogs and cats.

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