An exhibition of portraits of members of Brisbane’s Italian community. (FREE EVENT)

An exhibition of portraits of members of Brisbane’s Italian community. (FREE EVENT)

WHEN: Monday, 26 May 2014 - Sunday, 8 June 2014


WHERE: Sofitel Brisbane Central – Cuvee Lounge Bar 249 Turbot Street, Brisbane


A feature of Italian Week 2014 Italian Stories of Italy and Italian Stories. An exhibition of portraits of members of Brisbane’s Italian community by photographic artist Jacqueline Bawtree.


Event: Brisbane’s Italian Stories

When: Monday 12th May – 8th June 2014
Where: Sofitel Brisbane Central – Cuvee Lounge Bar. 249 Turbot Street, Brisbane
Cost: Free


Brisbane’s Italian Week focus on Italian stories in 2014, will be enhanced through a project ‘Italian Portrait’ by emerging photographic artist Jacqueline Bawtree.

Jacqueline’s work will include portraiture of member’s of Brisbane’s Italian community including twentieth century émigré, first generation Australian Italian’s and recent arrivals.


“With an ongoing love affair with Italy I’m thrilled to be working on a project, that I hope will unveil a little more of the Italian heritage of my hometown of Brisbane,” Jacqueline said.  “The opportunity to be able to collaborate with the team at Italian Week makes the opportunity incredibly special.”

Currently in her final year of study at the Queensland College of Art, Jacqueline made contact with Italian Week organizer, Alessandro Sorbello in February, to begin sourcing candidates for an intended final year project on Brisbane’s Italian Community.  Recognizing the exceptional opportunity to collaborate, Jacqueline prioritized planning to ensure the project could be completed in time for inclusion in Italian week activities.


First generation Australian-English, Jacqueline’s own connection with Italy began through evening language lessons in a small inner city Sydney language school, leading to a brief two week tour of the country in 2008.  In 2009 she resigned from her job as a sponsorship manager with Football Federation Australia and returned to spend several months in Italy attempting to better learn the language and explore the art and culture of the region. 

Following six weeks at language school in Siena, a month volunteering on an organic farm on the island of Elba, Jacqueline arrived south of Rome in Napoli.  Twenty-four hours after arrival, she was run down on a pedestrian crossing outside the Museo Archeologico … by a vespa.  After a 21 day stay in l’Ospedale dei Pellegrini in central Napoli, including a six hour operation to repair her badly fractured arm, she was flown back to Australia. 


Far from thwarting her love for Napoli, the experience solidified her relationship with the southern Italian city through the exceptional people she met during her hospital stay.  Once recovered from her injuries, Jacqueline returned to Italy in 2011 to be reunited with those who befriended her in her time of need and finally see Napoli.


As well as her photographic degree, Jacqueline has commenced a diploma of language in Italian, attempting to build on her still limited language skills.  She hopes to return to Italy in the not too distant future to capture stories from the lives of those she has grown to love.

The exhibition, Italian Portrait, will be open to the public

Credit Reference

Photographic images and stories by Jacqueline Bawtree.
For more information about Jacqueline’s work, please visit
© Jacqueline Bawtree.  Used with Permission.


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