Letter of Support from Francesco Capecchi

Francesco Capecchi, 

Consul of Italy for Queensland and Northern Territory



28th October 2008


Dear Mr. Sorbello,


once again I wish to extend my congratulations and compliments for the outstanding success of the fashion parades during Italian Week 2008.

As you know, Italian Fashion Week is a project who is developed not only with the designers but also in close cooperation with local institutions and centres of excellencies.


In confirming the presence of H.E. the Ambassador of Italy in Brisbane for the 2009 edition, I am sure that we will have the collaboration of the Ambassador supporting the Italian Consulate for Queensland and Northern territory, in developing an important international partnership between two governments on the strong platform for the development of creative industries in this country.


As a matter of fact, in 2006 Premier of Queensland Beattie and Governor of Region of Lombardy signed an agreement directed at developing common projects in the sector of creative industry. The involvement of Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE, the largest provider of Queensland Government in the sector of fashion and design gives the agreement a practical follow up.


The support of the event by the Premier of Queensland, Anna Bligh and the presence of the Minister for Multicultural Affairs demonstrates the important opportunity for ongoing international collaboration. It is a credit to you and your team to have been instrumental in the development of this project.



Best regards,


Francesco Capecchi

Consul of Italy

For Queensland and Northern Territory


3rd June 2008


Dear Mr. Sorbello,


I wish to congratulate you for your great contribution to the success of the Official Italian Week 2008.


This Consulate of Italy recognizes and appreciates your great personal effort as the producer of the Official Italian Week 2008 in order to present with us, a real image of our country in Brisbane, through events of great quality.


Both Italians and Australians who were present to the Official Italian Week appreciated the quality of the programme and the level of organization of the events. You already know how much I evaluate your contribution but allow me to say that it was thanks to your passion, persistence, professionalism that a modern, vibrant and vital image of our country was so successfully presented.


I wish to thank you again for your precious cooperation, sure that we will be associated also to the Official Italian Week 2009.



Best regards.


Francesco Capecchi



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