Letter of Support from Francesco Capecchi


Francesco Capecchi,

Consul of Italy for Queensland

10th July 2009


Dear Mr. Sorbello,


Looking back over Italian Week 2009, it is with considerable pride that the events and participation produced such enthusiasm and passion. The collaboration extended by you personally and within the context of your organisation enable the event to be such a success.


We take this opportunity to extend our gratitude for your assistance and participation in growing this important cultural event in Queensland. The overall outcome of the 2009 Italian Festival was a combined result of which we can all be proud.


This year we saw a marked increase in the Festival on the number of collaborations in stating the various events and performances and they have been received with encouragement and compliments - it is these in particular which we wish to share with you.


As a result of the combined efforts, our combined skills, talents, beliefs and passions, we presented Italy in the modern context, to a audience which celebrated with us. To a community which sees how much the Italian influences has added, how much the Italian innovation, determination, spirit and style is integral to the face of Brisbane and Queensland lifestyle.


Thank you again for your belief and support



Francesco Capecchi

Consul of Italy




24th September 2009


To Whom It May Concern


This is to state that Mr. Alessandro Sorbello has been the Managing Director of New Realm Media since 1998, during that time, he has been directly managed and organized events, communications, created and produced events and festivals. Amongst these events, Alessandro has produced including Italian Week, an initiative of the Italian Government, an annual event run in the centre of the city with the collaboration of many prestigious organisations and institutions.



Yours faithfully,


Francesco Capecchi

Consul of Italy in Queensland and the Northern Territory



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