Letter of Support from Campbell Newman

Campbell Newman,

Lord Mayor


7 September 2010


Dear Mr Sorbello


I am pleased to advise that Council has approved two year funding agreements for Brisbane Signature City Festivals, City-wide and Community Festivals through its Festival Funding Program in the 2010/2011 Council budget.


Festivals, whether large or small, local or city-wide, community based or professionally managed, contribute significantly to the quality of life in Brisbane. Brisbane organisers of festivals and events make a huge contribution to the development of Brisbane culture. Council values the contribution, passion and commitment that you demonstrate through your successful festival delivery.


In recognition of your contribution to the city's vibrant cultural life, your organisation has been allocated $20,000 per annum towards Italian Week for the next two years with an optional one year extension, pending successful evaluation of the festival.


Attached to this letter is a form for you to complete regarding to your festival. Please complete the form and mail or email the sheet back to our Community Grants team as indicated on the form. This information will then be incorporated into a Funding Agreement that outlines the conditions of the grant.


Once we have received your Confirmation Details and any outstanding reports or acquittals for a previous Funding Period (if applicable); the Funding Agreement will be sent to you for your signature and return. Once this agreement has been returned your payment can be released for your next festival, subject to successful acquittal of any previous grants and provision of a valid tax invoice. Payments in year two and any optional extension payments will be subject to successful acquittal of the previous year's grant. 


Congratulation on your achievements to date and I look forward to hearing of your future successes.



Yours sincerely,


Campbell Newman

Lord Mayor

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