Letter of Support from Dimity Dornan

Dimity Dornan,

Founder and Managing Director Hear and Say


13th of August 2010


To whom it may concern, 


I have known Alessandro Sorbello for a number of years and have found him an empathetic, willing, passionate and talented volunteer for Hear and Say. He has worked to showcase the work of Hear and Say through his publicity, events, functions, IT and filming support on numerous occasions. Alessandro has been awarded the Hear and Say “Community Champion Award" for 2007. As his resume attests, he is  incredibly talented, artistic and above all passionate and all of these, as well as his intelligent cultural sensitivity he has brought to the celebration of Italian Culture which has culminated in Italian Week.


Alessandro Sorbello and Italian Week are fully deserving of any public honours, as he has created a focus for all that is delightful about Italian lifestyle and made it accessible to the average Australian.



Yours faithfully,


Dimity Dornan AM


Founder and Managing Director

Hear and Say


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