Letter of Support from Francesco Capecchi

Francesco Capecchi,

Consul of Italy for Queensland

Italian week is an opportunity to showcase a strong relationships which Queensland and Australia share with Italy, a time to celebrate the beautiful experiences and cultural icons of one of the world's oldest and richest cultures, namely Italy.


From the cobbled streets of Rome to the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, Italy has lured travellers and lovers of life for millennia. The Italian Art of expression and lifestyle continues to attract an ever-growing audience seeking the aesthetic beauty of its artistic expression and cultural wonders.


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Italian Week 2011,Queensland’s Official Italian Festival which continues to grow from strength to strength with strong support from the Brisbane City Council and both Queensland and Italian Government.


Yet again the Sunshine State celebrates Italy's culture, Heritage and Lifestyle as Queensland embraces all things Italian and joins for the festivities.


It is my pleasure to congratulate the organisers once again for the outstanding program, capturing the essence of Italian style and beauty. Come and celebrate with us during Italian Week and let yourself be transported to ‘bella Italia’.



Francesco Capecchi


Consul of Italy for Queensland 

and the Northern Territory



9 Agosto 2010
Dear Mr. Sorbello,

I am pleased to reaffirm my personal support and the support of the Consulate of Italy for Queensland and the Northern Territory to the official Italian Week 2010. We recognized and appreciated your great effort in order to present in 2010 an authentic and high-level image of Italy in Brisbane through the events of great quality which also involved the local community in an excellent synthesis of Italian and Australian remarkable presences.


I can confirm that the Italian week being a well structured and highly efficient organisation which has consistently demonstrated high quality outcomes the last four years has gained also the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy.


It is undeniable that the project of the Italian week promotes multiculturalism and develops the ties between our two cultures, the Italian and Australian: as a matter of fact the Italians are one of the largest ethnic groups in Queensland and they have played and continue to play an important role in creating a multicultural society in Australia . More than seven 70000 people of Italian origin have migrated to Queensland over the years and they have managed to perfectly integrate into this social environment, bringing with them their cultural heritage. Moreover, the 27000 students of Italian language in Queensland show proof of a genuine passion of the Australians towards Italy and its traditions.


Since the first edition in  2007, Italian week was conceived with the aim of emphasizing the importance of multiculturalism. During the last four years modern dance performances, talented international musicians such as Rosario and Anna Maria La Spina, both born in Brisbane and of Italian origin, kept the multicultural vocation of Italian Week at highest level. 


The involvement of Opera Queensland, of the Queensland Orchestra, together with the presences of musicians such as-to name only a few-Lisa Hunt (Afro-American vocalist who recorded with Italian singer Zucchero “Sugar” Fornaciari for over 15 years) and Paolo Diotti, who participated in the project "Hope Music" created by Pope Giovanni Paolo II, significantly contributed to foster Italian Week multicultural character.


I am proud to state that in 2010 Italian Week has managed to create an ideal “bridge” which really connected Italian and Australian culture.


I fully support the work undertaken by Italian Week and am sure that a nomination for Queensland Multicultural Award 2010 will further stimulate your Organization to continue to provide a valuable service to Queensland multiculturalism also in the future.


Yours sincerely,


Dott. Francesco Capecchi


Consul of Italy for Queensland and the Northern Territory

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