Letter of support from Julie Turpie

Julie Turpie,

Director, Major Events, CBD Retail & Film Brisbane


17 August 2010


Dear Cavaliere Sorbello,


I write in reference to your submission to the Queensland Multicultural Awards 2010 in the category of Community Organization.


Brisbane Marketing has been involved in Italian Week celebrations since their inception and has witnessed your commitment to, and passion for, the promotion of multiculturalism in Queensland – specifically the Italian community and the vibrancy, fervor and depth that this culture brings to the city of Brisbane.


Italian Week festivities, both in Brisbane’s city centre and surrounding suburban areas, have showcased the best of Italian culture- food, wine, fashion, art and engineering-and in doing so have contributed to the vital promotion of multiculturalism. Italian Week events have provided the opportunity for all communities in Brisbane to engage and further appreciate the dynamism and beauty of our home.


We commend you and your committee for its commitment to this event and wish you every success in the category of Community Organisation at the upcoming Queensland Multicultural Awards.



Yours sincerely,


Julie Turpie


Director, Major Events, CBD Retail & Film Brisbane

Brisbane Marketing

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