Letter of Support from Cr Fiona King

Cr Fiona King,

Councillor for Marchant Ward

18th October 2011,

Jupiter’s Casino Community Benefit Fund


Dear Sir/Madam


It is with pleasure that I write to support the efforts of Italian festival Inc. for organizing Italian Week, an initiative of the Consulate of Italy Queensland and Northern Territory.


Over the past five years since Italian Week’s inception, the organisers have arranged a high level multicultural festival, which celebrates Italian culture and lifestyle and is fully integrated with the Queensland institutions and government organisations.


We have seen many rich cultural events which have been offered free to the citizens of Brisbane and Queensland including several concerts in the Queen Street Mall, collaborations with The Gallery of Modern Art, The Queensland Symphonic Orchestra, Opera Queensland and many others.


Italian Week has become the focal point for the Italian Community and for Australians interested in many facets of cultural and multicultural activities of one of the world oldest and richest civilizations.


The organisers  have put together programs over the years that have incorporated many groups and organisations both Italian and non- Italian backgrounds who have come together to celebrate the richness that each culture brings when they are fused into the unique landscape of Multicultural Queensland.


Italian Week represents a great opportunity of truly celebrating the many generations of immigrant culture present in Queensland.


I therefore have no hesitation in supporting the Italian festival Inc in their quest for funding.


Thank you for your earnest consideration of the application.


Yours sincerely


Fiona King,


Councillor for Marchant Ward





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