Letter of Support from Cav. Stephen J Pellegrino

Cav. Stephen J Pellegrino,

The Pellegrino Scholarship

Pellegrino scholarship for further education in Italy.


19th  October 2011


Dear Cav. Alessandro Sorbello,


It is a pleasure to recommend and support the Italian Week/Festival 2012.


Since our involvement with your organisation the awareness of our “borsa” has grown tremendously.

It would not have reached to where it is today without your participation the last 5 years.


Our Scholarship which sends Queensland students to Italy to gain experience in primarily the music fields has now spanned three Italian Consuls.. Your collaboration with them and ourselves is well noted as of it being a necessary cog in its success..


Your idea to take the festival and indeed our Scholarship to the city centre has given Brisbane and ourselves another dynamism that showcases aspects of Italy to the benefit of the Queensland community.


We commend your not for profit involvement in this festival and wish all the success with it for many years to come..


Yours sincerely


Cavalier Stephens J Pellegrino




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