Dance Theatre Piece "...Arrivi...Partenze"

Following over a Century of history of migration to Australia “...Arrivi ... Partenze” offers now a new reading of the migration phenomenon in XXI Century Australia.

Arrivi Partenze


The dance-theatre piece “...Arrivi ... Partenze” intends to explore the issue of movement and its various meanings: necessary condition for the human being, expression form and communication medium; need of a group resulting in nomadism and migration. The multimedia performance incorporates the use of music, dance, acting, video projections and various other art forms. 


Produced by Alessandro Sorbello Productions, “...Arrivi ... Partenze” traces the path of the soul – unchanged through the Centuries – that the individual has to undergo whilst moving in a physical-geographical dimension during his migration process; the piece stages a variety of physical intersecting paths reflecting the complex empirical reality of our days. 


The sedentary condition which marks Western contemporary culture exists in sharp contrast with the nomadic nature of our ancestors as well as that of many contemporary ethnic groups. The pressure generated by lack of material resources which has forced many migrants to leave their native country is only one of the many components of the inner drives calling for an individual to become a “Wayfarer”. 


In a reality driven by external pressures which make the “way faring” process ever more difficult in an inner sense, the physical-geographical wayfaring offers perhaps the only possible socially acceptable alternative.



Improved means of transport and ever-changing communication technology have revolutionized the quality and speed of movement across continents. The physical aspects of this experience have been radically modified by today’s technological progress and economic situation.


Various visit modalities: initial, short and long term temporary and ultimately permanent stay; present the same issues for the individual, family, group and the whole community in a broader sense that migrants to Australia have faced in the XIX and XX Centuries. 


Shifting from the universal to a more specific dimension and following a path stemming from the analysis of the human being’s nature “...Arrivi ... Partenze” offers now a new reading of the XXI Century migration phenomenon to Australia.


Source of Inspiration "...Arrivi...Partenze" 


Biographies of Dancer


Director/Choreographeer, Boris Bivona





Choreographeer, Jodie-Anne White



Event 2007

Tuesday 5th June Dance Theatre Piece “….Arrivi….Partenze”




Wednesday 6th June Dance Theatre Piece “….Arrivi….Partenze”

Wednesday 6th June Dance Theatre Piece “….Arrivi….Partenze”


Media 2007


His Excellency Mr Stefano Starace Janfolla, Italian Ambassador in Canberra, Speech during Official Opening "Arrivi...Partenze"


Review from Lucy Brook, Brisbane News.


Review from Jan Jarratt, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for State Development,  Employment and Industrial Relations.


Review from Michael Choi MP, Parliamentary Secretary for the Minister for Environment and Multiculturalism,



Courier Mail






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