Italian Style Down Under - Fashion

Elio Marzullo and Bruce Tully. Italian Born Elio Marzullo of fashion house Elio Moda and Bruce Tully from Depazzi will discuss the influence of Italian design on their respective practices.


Elio Marzullo has taken a distinctive and personal approach to fashion, bridging the gap between Italian and Australian styles working towards a greater style consciousness down under.


Based largely on the Australian opal, the Depazzi jewellery collection has been uniquely influenced by Italian design due to the training of Bruce Tully who has combined with an extraordinary team of people we have attracted including: Elisabetta Gucci, tutors in Italy, photographer Richard De Chazal, designer Eva Burgija, media advisor Selena Wallace, our craftsmen, the media and many others who have believed in Depazzi from conception. 


Where QUT Art Museum


Event 2008

Saturday 31st May Italian Style Down Under


Media 2008


Designer Label DePazzi at Italian Week Italian Festival (Youtube video)

Depazzi captures all that is Australian. The Depazzi story began more than 100 years ago. The families of business partners Bruce Tully and James Evert were amongst the earliest pioneers of opal mining back in the late 1800s.



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