Jaider de Olivera

Jaider de OliveiraJaider de Oliveira, was born in Brazil but now he is an Aussie living in Brisbane. Over these last 3 years, he have spent considerable amount of time in Brazil studying and recording, during this time he was able to complete his last album 'Alegria Instrumental ' which means 'Instrumental happiness' a title that was inspired by relationships he have had with his musician friends and fellow artists.


He is a Musician, that writes songs, composes and arranges. A musician that has been using this gift of music for a long time, always inspired, always desiring to share experience's and knowledge. Endless feelings. Emotions. That has been helping him to become who he is - a musician. Have a look at some of the performances on his website.


Jaider de Oliveira performs at Dolci Sapori Clayfield 828 Sandgate Road, Clayfield, Brisbane telephone (07) 3262 2466.


Website http://www.jaider.com/default.htm




Performance at Dolci Sapori



Tuesday 5th June Jaider De Oliveira performs his latest composition “Moving” live 

Wednesday 6th June 2.30 pm and 6.30 pm Jaider De Oliveira performs his latest composition “Moving” live 


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Jaider de Oliveira performs "Moving"

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