Euro Foods Qld Pty Ltd

The Euro Foods Qld Pty Ltd story began way back to 1957.The Euro Foods Qld Pty Ltd story began way back to 1957. In February, 1957, Mr Luigi Monforte a relatively recent immigrant from Sicily, who had spent some time in North Queensland cutting cane returned to Brisbane to open a general produce store at the Normanby Fiveways.


L Monforte Fine Foods success required a move from the corner shop into larger premises still with the business model of being a provedore of mostly Italian food and other traditionally Italian products. The opportunity arose to further expand the business into the Gold Coast and later the Sunshine Coast. Warehouses were opened in these markets as well as products being transported throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales.


As time went by, L Monforte Fine Foods became the family business with son’s Sam, Frank and Robbie assuming leadership roles within the company.


L Monforte Fine Foods was then sold to Manneida Pty Ltd and after a number of year’s, the Monforte family bought the business back with their long time business partners. This new partnership became Global Food and Wine and lasted just under two years before the Monforte family again sold out of the business.


After the sale of their shares in Global Food and Wine, Sam Monforte continued to be consumed by the industry he has had such an affinity with. Very soon after, suppliers from all over Australia and the world started calling Sam, asking if he was thinking about starting up again.


The pull was so great, that Sam Monforte, with new partners Angie Dugdale and Don Cameron established Euro Foods Qld Pty Ltd in late 2008, with the business becoming operational in early 2009.


Sam Monforte recognised the changing face of the food industry in Australia and so Euro Foods Qld Pty Ltd as a wholly owned and operated Queensland company, was established to satisfy the growing demand by discerning and well informed gourmands for unique, superior quality and exclusive fine foods.


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