James Street Cooking Classes


James St Cooking School is Brisbane’s premier cooking facility – with its 8 year history – it is the best place to learn how to cook.


The small sized classes for individuals are broken into even smaller groups which are led by teams of professional chefs to ensure you gain optimum results in improving your cooking skills.


Cooking is about using all of your senses.  That’s the reason it’s difficult to learn from television. You need to touch the food, feel its consistency, its heat, and smell the ingredients.  You need to get involved, watch the food change its colour and consistency, get your hands dirty…do the doing…so you really learn.


And this is what James St Cooking School is all about.The idea is to give you the opportunity to work with domestic appliances in a professional environment.


Website http://www.jamesstcookingschool.com.au/


Events 2010

Wednesday 26th May Italian Week on James Street - CRU

Wednesday 26th May Italian Week on James Street - Harveys

Wednesday 26th May Italian Cooking Classes Launch at James St Cooking School

Saturday 29th May Italian Week on James Street - CJ’s Pasta


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