Cav. Alessandro Sorbello, Founder and Creator of Italian Week



Message from Cav. Alessandro Sorbello 

Celebrating its 5th year and enjoying continued growth through strategic partnerships, Italian Week offers an insight into the modern Italy. The primary objective of Italian Week is the promotion of Italian culture and lifestyle and its prominent influence on the Australian lifestyle. Italy is a vibrant country with cutting edge technologies in fashion, the arts, manufacturing and “la bella vita”.


Italian Week is designed to showcase and celebrate all things Italian with a view of promoting its integration across cultures.


It is with the support of organizations like the Brisbane City Council,Queensland Government, Treasury Casino, Commonwealth Bank and Elio Moda that Italian Week has been able grow across the State. Our loyal friends from Di Bella Coffee, Angelo's Fresh Pasta and ItaliQuore form the foundation pillars for Italian Week. Brisbane News and Qantas enable us to get our message out to the world.


Our vision encompasses a weeklong event drawing national and international audiences to participate in the celebration of all things Italian with the cornerstone built on celebrating Italian lifestyle and culture and promoting commercial endeavours which allow growth and sustainability via economic success.


Based on the original philosophy of collaborating with many cultural organizations on a mutually beneficial program, Italian Week has spread to encompass active and enthusiastic participation from hotels, restaurants, importers, vineyards, bars and coffee shops which feature prominently throughout Italian Week.


Our partners and collaborators are aligned to the values of Italian Week:


Relevance - the products or services offered by must be relevant to the profile of Italian Week and compatible market profile.


Branding Fit - there must be a good fit with the overall brand. Italian products and lifestyle are admired and recognised around the world for quality and style. We seek partners that fit that brand appreciation.


Mission Alignment - Italian Week is dedicated to providing high quality events and entertainment with the scope of supporting cultural and community causes. We take great pride in supporting ‘The Hear and Say Centre’ for children born deaf. We seek to collaborate with organisations who share similar values.


We are very pleased to welcome the City of Ipswich as a key partner in the ongoing growth of Italian Week.


Come and celebrate ‘Dolce Far Niente’ with us.


Cav. Alessandro Sorbello 

Founder and Creator of Italian Week 




Cavaliere Alessandro Sorbello. Creator and Founder of Italian WeekSpeech during "...Arrivi...Partenze" Official Opening Alessandro Sorbello, Executive Producer Italian Week 

"Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening.


His Excellency, Mr Stefano Starace Janfolla Ambassador Italy in Canberra.


Ms Jan Jarratt, MP Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Primary Industries and Fisheries , Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Women representing the Premier of Queensland.


Mr Michael Choi, Parliamentary Secretary for Environment and Multiculturalism representing the Minister for Multicultural Affairs. 


Dr Francesco Capecchi, Consul of Italy for Queensland and Northern Territory, The Honourable Santo Santoro, and other distinguished guests. Welcome to the Premier of ‘...Arrivi ...Partenze’. 


May I call upon His Excellency, Mr Stefano Starace Janfolla to address you all. The ambassador has arrived from Canberra for the premier and we are honoured to have him here." 

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