Commedia Academy - Giri and Sanjiva



Since 1981 Giovanni Sanjiva Margio and Antonio Giri Mazzella have been performing together inspired by vibrant Italian cultural traditions.


Commedia Academy of Australia is their platform for presenting this lively and hilarious ancient art in today’s Australia.




Friday 27th May Commedia Viva! at Queen Street Mall Concert

Saturday 28th May The Black Nonnas at the Italian Market Day

Sunday 29th May Musica Musica! at Dolci Sapori 

Monday 30th May The Black Nonnas at Queen Street Mall Stage

Tuesday 31th May Frutto Magico as part of Bambini Ridiamo Insieme

Tuesday 31st May Musica Musica! Gondolieri at Queen Street Mall Stage

Wednesday 1st June Frutto Magico as part of Bambini Ridiamo Insieme

Wednesday 1st June Carabinieri at Jan Powers Italian Market



Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th Australiasian Commedia dell'Arte Festival


Photo Gallery The Black Nonnas (Facebook)

Photo Gallery Carabinieri (Facebook)


Promotional poster Bambini Ridiamo Insieme 




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