Dr. Dimity Dornan OA Queenslander of the Year 2010

Dr. Dimity Dornan A.M. PhD; Ba.SpTh; F.S.P.A.A; CpSp; Cert. is a Speech Pathologist who is currently the Managing Director and Founder of the Hear and Say Centre in Brisbane. Italian Week has been an active supporter of the Centre and in her speech Dimity Dornan acknowledges Italian Week's commitment.


The Hear and say Centre is a non-profit organisation, funded in 1992, which currently provides a wide range of qualified and professional services (including early intervention and audiology) to support hearing impaired children and their families. 


The Centre has also a Research and Innovation institute, which comprises both in-house and collaborative initiatives research with other parties, and whose specialisation is the innovative hearing research with a neuroscience, pediatric and biotechnology focus. 


Today the Centre is able to offer children with hearing loss the potential to hear, listen, speak. This goal is achieved through the art hearing technology (digital hearing aids and cochlear implants) and the Auditory-Verbal approach to education.



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