Brigitte Falcioni and Rachael Scuteri known as Dolce have been working professionally together for several years, they began singing songs for family events. Brigitte and Rachael began volunteering their time at nursing homes and charity events, they found the experience very rewarding, both girls became inspired by their Italian heritage and thus DOLCE was created.


Through Dolce’s charitable efforts they became increasingly popular and sought after by many Italian festival committees. Dolce hope to keep the Italian spirit and culture alive by singing many popular Italian songs and hope to inspire the younger generation and many generations to follow.


Today, Dolce have made themselves well known amongst the Italian community, they sing many well known Italian songs and are adored by their Italian fans. Dolce have appeared in the local newspapers several times and almost on a monthly basis in the Italian newspaper (LA FIAMMA). La Fiamma quoted “Brigitte and Rachael would make excellent ambassadors for the Italian youth of Australia”. This inspired the girls to release their first CD titled “LE COSE CHE VIVI”


Events 2011

Friday 27th May, Queen Street Mall Concert


Saturday 28th May, Italian Market Day


Media 2011


Queen Street Mall Concert

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Italian Market Day

Courier Mail 'Italy sweet life set to flavour our city'

Photo Gallery (Facebook)

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