Italian Week - End of Project

Italian Week every year after the Festival monitors its results through independent and internal resources and research.


A fully and comprehensive amount of data regarding media coverage, participation at the events, online traffic, members, newsletters, Facebook activities and dedicated questionnaires to general public and partners give to Italian Week the opportunity to understand strength and weakness of the event to keep in consideration for planning the next editions. 



The documents reference data collected through organisations working with Italian Week such as Sequel Communications, and YourConnection.



End of Project Report - Italian Week 2011 created by Sequel Communication 


End of Project Report - Italian Week 2011  created by 


End of Project Report - Facebook and Emails, created byYourConnection


End of Project Report - Italian Week 2011, created by New Realm Media

This document presents an overview of what Italian Week has been over the past 5 years, focusing on its achievements in 2011 and exploring opportunities for 2012 and beyond.



Report July 2011, created by Hear and Say Centre

Gold wings, created by Hear and Say Centre

Sponsorship period July 2011-July 2012, created by Hear and Say Centre



Sequel Communication (pdf)




Sequel Communication (pdf)





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