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Italiquore is a liquor and Wine importer and distributor which has secured exclusive rights to a range of premium Italian products such as Gancia, Capocroce, Keglevich, Pallini, Strega, Nardini, Stock International, 1906 vodka, Fasoli Gino, Grappa, Nardini, Lemoncello and a range of Stock international products.


Australia has embraced Italian culture, food and espresso so Italiquore was born with the dream to truly bring the delights of Italian Wines, Liqueurs and Italian Sparkling Wines to mainstream Australia.


Website: http://www.italiquore.com.au/


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At Italiquore, we import only the finest alcoholic beverages from Italy and around the world. We ensure our high quality of products and service by importing from companies that have the highest integrity and are well respected around the world. Our product line consists of a mix of fine sparkling wines, spirits and liqueurs.


Limoncello liqueur, Peachello liqueur. Pallini Limoncello is the number one selling ultra-premium limoncello in the World and is crafted from an authentic family recipe created more than 100 years ago by the Pallini family. Its delicious natural zest comes from the fragrant peel of Italy's finest Organic Sfusato Amalfitana lemons hand-picked on the Amalfi coast, and infused for eight months in the finest pure spirit. The result is an intense burst and tangy flavour. Pallini Limoncello and Peachello is 26% ABV and is available in 750ml (6 x 750ml per case).


Italian grappa; according to an old legend, Benevento is the place where witches from all over the world meet. Here since 1860 the Alberti family has guarded the secret of an ancient recipe, handed down from father to son. And it is here in Benevento that the oldest Italian liqueur, well known all over the world is produced. It is a liqueur whose unique colour and incomparable flavour make it the focal point of every encounter.

Italian grappa; Ditta Bortolo Nardini has been producing since its origin its three famous Acquavite di Vinaccia (grappa): the Bianca (Alc. 50% by Vol.); the Riserva (Alc. 50% by Vol.) aged in Slavonian oak barrels for a minimum period of three years and the Ruta (Alc. 43% by Vol.) infused with the rue herb. Beside its classic grappas, the distillery produces and commercializes, under its own brand, a variety of premium grappas and liquors including Mandorla, Tagliatella, Acqua di Cedro and Ginepro which are the outcome of a bicentennial tradition. The entire range of grappas and liquors is available in the traditional 1 litre bordolaise bottle, the same since 1779, while some products are also for sale in smaller capacity bottles 


Flavoured vodkasKeglevich is a range of high quality Italian flavoured vodkas containing triple distilled vodka and real fruit juices. Its colourful high-impact bottle is sure to stand out from the crowd in your bottle shop or bar. It is perfect served straight up, over ice or in cocktails! Keglevich is a huge seller in Italy capturing around 45% of the market and is now available in Queensland! This vibrantly packaged vodka comes in a 700 ml bottle and will be available in peach, melon, wild berries and strawberry flavours in cases of 6. With media attention on binge drinking this new vodka is sure to attract attention with an ABV of 20%.


Asti/Sparkling wineGancia was founded in 1850 by Carlo Gancia who created the very first Italian sparkling wine and paved the way to the birth of the Italian sparkling wine industry. The company is still 100% owned by the Gancia family, now in the fifth generation. By using the same expertise which dates back to 1850, the fifth generation of the Gancia Family has today created the Gancia Method, a new unique and special method of making Asti, by combining a best selection of grapes with yeasts specially cultivated by expert winemakers as per an original House of Gancia method. 

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