"The Illumination"

About the project "The Illumination"

Italian Week celebrates the National Day of Italy, presenting the genius and Italian lifestyle and showcases the very unique Italian experience via Art, gastronomy and luxury conveyance. This year, 2011 marks a very special point in Italy’s history, on March 17th; Italy celebrated its 150th anniversary of its unification as a single state. As we celebrate this important milestone in Italian history, we also honour the joint efforts of those who came to Australia seeking a new life, and to those who embraced Italy’s unique culture and celebrate its lifestyle and traditions.


Honouring this achievement, Italian Week has facilitated a project entitled ‘The Illumination’ which sees the lighting up of the Story Bridge, the Treasury Casino and Newstead House in red, white and green, the colours of the Italian flag for the duration of Italian Week. This tribute highlights the integration of Italian culture into Australian lifestyle.


Story Bridge

Story Bridge Brisbane


Treasury Casino





Treasury Casino Brisbane


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