Easy Guides to learn confined space safety online

Easy Guides to learn confined space safety online

Confined space refresher online at Easy Guides are areas that contain limited supplies and ventilation. The limited amount of air in these areas could lead to the uncertain or rapid build-up of toxic gases, which can cause serious health effects, including death. Confined spaces include underground tanks, maintenance holes, elevator shafts, sewers, and mine shafts.

What is a confined space?

A confined space is an enclosed area with limited space or a small area that may be hard to exit from quickly in case of an emergency. Examples of confined spaces are said to include elevators and subway cars.

To work as a member of the construction industry or mechanical contractor when working with these areas, workers need to understand the dangers and risks of working in confined spaces. It’s also essential for them to understand what can happen if they do not follow proper safety procedures when working in these areas.

According to OSHA, six key factors must be considered by those who enter a confined space: air quality, oxygen levels, heat stress, toxic chemicals, hazards such as electrical shock, and physical risk factors like slips and falls.

The essential aspects of confined spaces

The most critical aspects of confined spaces are the following:

• The workers required to enter and work in the space should be provided with a change of clothes, protective equipment, and appropriate training.

• Properly trained personnel should supervise entry into and work within a confined space.

• All entrants into a confined space should be thoroughly examined before entering. This includes inspecting their respiratory protection, clothing, and any other sources of contamination.

• Employees who cannot perform duties in a confined space due to health or safety concerns should not be allowed to enter it.


Whether you’re a miner, a construction worker, a plumber, or just a home handyman, confined space safety is something that everyone should have a basic understanding of. With these online guides, you can learn everything you need to know about confined spaces in the comfort of your own home.